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LOCATION MAP » Kasih Sayang Health Resort
Kasih Sayang Resort

Kasih Sayang Health Resort

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Kasih Sayang Heatlh Resort is well connected by road with Tuaran bypass or Jalan Kiansom waterfall. Green scenery everywhere, fresh air, up high, people and agriculture give you an exhilarating journey from Jalan Kokol Poring-poring. This road most recommended reaching to Kasih Sayang and it takes only 5km drive from St. Joseph Catholic Church.

Another road to Kasih Sayang is Jalan Kiansom Waterfall. Structure of the gravel road recommended for four wheel drive. Choosing this road will guaranteed you with an amazing untouched adventure to Kasih Sayang. It takes 5.2km drive from the junction reaching to Kasih Sayang. For more information kindly contact the resort.